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National Center for Transportation and Industrial Productivity (NCTIP),
New Jersey Institute of Technology,
University Heights,
Newark, New Jersey 07102-1982
Phone: (973) 596-5274   Fax: (973) 596-6454

NCTIP webmaster: hu@njit.edu
Last Updated: 5.29.2014

NJIT Professor Lazar Spasovic was featured on PBS’ NOW program “Keep on Trucking?” which aired on 8/28/09. Dr. Spasovic appears at 8:25 and 17:20. Click here for the NOW episode website


•Freight Planning Support System For Northern New Jersey
•Brownfield Economic Redevelopment
•Infrastructure:The Key to New Jersey's Future
•Ten Year Plan to Remove the Toll Barriers on the G.S.P.
•Mobility and the Costs of Congestion in NJ 2001 Update
•Mobility and the Costs of Congestion in NJ (Feb. 2000)
•Phase I Final Report: Brownfields Redevelopment Project

•Project Final Reports
•"Research at NCTIP" circulates research results nationally to the transportation professional community 2004 2003.

•Strategic Plan 1999-2001
•ISTEA Closeout Report
•Semi Annual Report, Sept. 1999-March 2000
•Annual Report - Year Ending June 30, 2000
•Semi Annual Report, July-Dec. 2000
•Annual Report - Year Ending June 30, 2001
•Semi Annual Report, July-Dec. 2001
•Annual Report - Year Ending June 30, 2002

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